What’s Your Blockchain Strategy?

Have you heard about blockchain? Maybe not, but you have heard about Bitcoin, the digital currency used globally operating without a central bank or middlemen. Blockchain, originally developed for digital currencies like Bitcoin, now is being used by various technologies across a wide-range of industries. So, what is Blockchain and why should you know about it? Blockchain creates a [...]

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How Hiring A Technical Resource Is NOT What You Expect

You’re a hiring manager in a law firm and you’ve hired plenty of attorneys, paralegals and other support staff. Now you need to hire an IT manager. Where do you even start? You don’t know anything about IT! How hiring a technical resource and a non-technical resource are the same First, anyone you hire should fit within your corporate [...]

Is “Ghosting” Candidates Hurting Your Business?

While a lot is being said about candidates “ghosting” (ending communications with someone suddenly and without explanation) interviewers and recruiters—ghosting of candidates by sometimes those very same interviewers and recruiters is a shocking problem in today’s job market. It’s hard to imagine this is happening at all—given the incredible demand for talent and historically low unemployment—but it does! I speak [...]

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How to Make Onboarding Successful

Hiring in today’s full-employment market is a difficult task. Once you’ve landed your next critical hire, what you do next it can make or break your growing team. The onboarding process is often overlooked or an afterthought by most organizations. Get it right, and you’ll realize the benefits of a quicker ramp up time, happy employees, and referrals galore. Onboarding [...]

How To Hire In A Hot Market

Hiring for top technology talent in the Bay Area is hard enough these days but what do you do if you are not a tech giant or Fortune 500 company?  This may be the single most important question you have to answer in today’s full-employment job market. The last 6 months have been demonstrated that hiring is at a [...]

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