Front-End Developer

Typical Duties & Responsibilities

A front-end developer links design and technology with an emphasis on a positive and functional user experience (UX).

  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables.
  • Maintain graphic standards and branding throughout the product’s interface
  • Create mockups and prototypes
  • QA testing the graphical user interface (GUI), buttons, labels, drop-down behavior, and all other elements.
  • Create data visualizations
  • Platforms and browser testing
  • Team collaboration
  • Production and maintenance of websites or web applications user interfaces
  • Ensuring design responsiveness of the website or application
  • Be the expert regarding constraints and best practices in a web platform environment

Typical skills & qualifications of a Front-End Developer

Knowledge or experience with some of the following:

  • Front-end languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
  • Libraries & Frameworks: Bootstrap, Bluma, JS Foundation, UIKIT, Susy, Materialize, Pure.css less, ANGULAR, Vue.js, React, ember, NEXT.js, Redux, jQuery
  • Build Tools: Gulp, Webpack, Browserify, GRUNT, Fastly, Flux
  • Content Management Systems: Drupal, WordPress, ExpressionEngine
  • Visual Design Tools: Adobe Creative Suite
  • Strong communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to identify, analyze and solve problems
  • Adaptability to changing conditions