Back-End Developer

Typical Duties & Responsibilities

Back-End Developers are responsible for creating and maintaining the technology on the back end or “server-side” of a website or application.

  • Develop functional and sustainable web applications
  • Integrate front-end (user-facing) development with server-side logic
  • Produce quality, reusable code
  • Troubleshoot, debug and identify areas for improvement.
  • Team collaboration, training, and support
  • Continued learning of new technologies
  • Backend testing or database testing
  • Managing hosting environments
  • Performance Optimization for maximum speed and scalability
  • Implementation of security and data protection
  • Design and implementation of data storage solutions
  • Cloud computing integration
  • Recording and reporting data
  • Backup and restore technologies for a website’s files and DB 
  • Write APIs

Typical skills & qualifications of a Back-End Developer

Knowledge or experience with: 

  • Programming languages: PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, .NET  
  • Libraries and frameworks: Express, Django, Rails, Laravel, Spring, Angular, React, VUE, Ember, Backbone, 
  • Server Architecture & Web ServersApache, Nginx, Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS)  
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Drupal, WordPress, ExpressionEngine
  • Version Control System: Git, Mercurial, SVN, CVS, Monotone, Bazaar, TFS, VSTS, Helix Core, ClearCase, Revision Control system (RCS), VSS 
  • Database administrationMySQL, Oracle, SQL ServerMongoDB, ElasticSearch
  • SOAP and REST web services
  • Basic understanding of front-end languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Strong communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills. 
  • Ability to identify, analyze and solve problems
  • Attention to detail.