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Need to find someone to prepare tax documents, take care of the day-to-day financial and accounting operations, develop budgets, make sure legal & regulatory requirements are met, or someone to navigate the PPP application process? You’ve come to the right place, we have the networks and experience needed to find the right candidates to fill your needs. 

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What you can expect when you work with us

  • Short and long term temps/contractors.

  • Permanent placement guarantee.

  • Our Recruiters will promote your brand to top Accounting & Finance Professionals.

  • You’ll have access to talent networks you wouldn’t otherwise have.

  • Our team will be an extension of your Hiring Managers in the market.

  • Well-vetted candidate submittals (quality over quantity).

  • Fast turnaround time, without compromising quality.

What you get when you work with Align

Skilled Talent Options

Finance & Accounting Flexible Staffing Solutions

A flexible staffing strategy can mean something different for each industry, business and even department within the same company.  For some, a contingent workforce is ideal for seasonal spikes or shifts in demand while others are looking for freelancers, consultants or temporary talent to execute short-term projects. With flexible talent solutions, you get the talent you need, when you need it.

Finance & Accounting Direct Hire

It’s no secret that while the market is inundated with available workers, there is still a shortage of highly qualified talent in the IT and creative spaces. Algin’s talent acquisition techniques and networks give you access to skilled candidates you wouldn’t find on your own. Our leading-edge strategy produces the right candidates every time, at a speed that is unmatched in the industry! This promise is backed by our contingent approach, you only pay when we fill your position. There is no cost or obligation to see what you might be missing. 

Finance & Accounting Remote Staffing

Expand your access to great talent across North America with Remote staffing Solutions. Whether we set-up virtual workspaces, secure private network connections or employers issue owned devices to remote workers; it’s easy to provide them with the software, applications and data they need to get the job done. It’s a win-win situation, you get  the talent you need now and your remote workers can have the flexibility that’s essential for today’s conditions. 

Finance & Accounting Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) may be the answer to your talent acquisition needs. When you need a start-up plan, rapid scale or high growth, consider outsourcing all or part of your recruitment needs to really optimize your hiring process and streamline operations. Companies can leverage our skilled recruiters, data-driven methodologies and technology to source top talent.   

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