Continued from Parts 1 & 2 of our “What is a Developer” series, (Part 1 Development & Projects and Part 2 Web and App Development) this post will talk about some of the most common tech roles related to Software Development and what they do.

It can be difficult to understand the difference between the roles of software development when regions and companies define job descriptions based on their individual needs. To further complicate things, many roles have crossover and some of the same roles can be part of very different types of development projects.

Some typical software development team roles include:

      1. Business Analyst
      2. Project Manager
      3. Designers
      4. Developers
      5. Quality Assurance Engineer
      6. DevOps Engineer 

Business Analysts make sure the product you are building solves the right problem, the right way, based on your customers’ and stakeholders’ needs. Often, they are responsible for collecting the necessary data and requirements from stakeholders and conveying them to Developers.

Project Managers are the Air Traffic Controllers of software development. They make sure that projects are on track and on budget, identify and monitors risks, mitigate problems, and are the communication conduit for the entire development team, including the client and other business teams within the organization.

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UX Designers are concerned with why the user interacts with the software the way they do. They navigate between marketing, research, and development. UX designers also share many job specs with Product Designers.

UI Designers are responsible for most of the visual aspects of the design. Things like flow and information layout, colors and typefaces, animation of elements, and responsive design. They are also responsible for making sure these graphic elements function the way they are supposed to.


Front-End Developers link design and technology with an emphasis on a positive and functional user experience (UX). They maintain graphic and brand standards throughout the product’s interface, use front-end languages, frameworks, front-end builder tools, content management systems, and design software. Front-End Developers also ensure design responsiveness and are the expert in resolution, devices, and browsers.

Back-End Developers are responsible for creating and maintaining the technology on the back end or “server-side” of software. They work with back-end programming languages and frameworks, server architecture, databases and hosting, testing tools, and understand security compliance. Back-end developers also need to have knowledge of version control tools and API and external integrations.

Full Stack Developers are not specialized in just one specific area but are proficient with both front and back–end development. Because of their broad range of skills and knowledge, they are able to implement solutions on every architectural layer of the system.

Quality Assurance Engineers are charged with developing and implementing a strategy for quality management and continuous testing in order to deliver high-quality products with a seamless user experience (UX).

DevOps Engineers are a critical part of any development project and your insurance policy. They are responsible for making sure your product is fast and accessible when users need it, secure, and can handle spikes in user activity. The DevOps’ role will optimize software for low-cost and high-performance, making sure your infrastructure is scalable and easy to update.

Sure, there are more roles that could be added to the list or even sub-roles. Ultimately the Structure of the team will be different for every project and determined by its requirements and desired outcomes. This list provides the framework for some of the most essential roles of a software development team.

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