The hiring process is often overlooked as a customer experience. It can however be the most important of all customer experiences for your brand. Attracting people that want to work for your company is just as important (if not more so) as selling your products or services.

The next time you need to fill an open role, rather than providing your recruitment team with a traditional stale job description, answer these questions instead:

1. Describe your company culture. 

Employees want more than just the ability to utilize their skills. Beyond liking what they do, they want to feel connected and develop relationships. It’s incredibly important to pay attention to cultural fit. When employees are aligned with their coworkers and company values, they are intrinsically motivated, making them happier, more engaged, and ultimately more productive.

2. What is your tech stack and product roadmap?   

Meet the new job description. For hard skills that is. Knowing what infrastructure, software, and platforms are used indicate what skills and experience are needed for the position.  While candidates may not have experience will your entire tech stack, they may have worked with similar applications and possess the skills and aptitude to get up to speed quickly.

Your product roadmap not only shows candidates how they will apply their skill sets but may also define how they will measure success.

3. Are there opportunities for growth?  

Professionals who are learning and growing, are more likely to stay with a company longer-term and excel at what they do. So it should be no surprise that professional development and growth opportunities are some of the most important drivers for candidates. It’s a win for everyone. When your employees improve their skills and grow their knowledge, your entire organization grows too.

4. Does your company have a remote work culture? 

Working remotely is more than just doing a job from a location other than a traditional office. What measures is your company taking to ensure remote employees feel valued, informed, and an integral part of the team?

Don’t cost yourself the right candidate because of an outdated job description. Highlight all that your company has to offer and how your new hire can use their skills to make a meaningful contribution.

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