You wouldn’t trust your marketing team to run your accounting department or your accounting team to manage operations, so why depend on your Human Resources team to find the right candidates for highly specialized roles? Time IS money, so when your teams are able to concentrate on what they do best, the entire organization wins.

We know what you’re thinking. Since there are fees for recruitment services, how could they possibly add to my bottom line? In the article, we’ll explain what’s a stake when you have open jobs in your organization and how a workforce solutions provider is a worthwhile investment.

Unfilled positions can be costly 

When employers have vacancies, they can cause several potential consequences. The demands of the job do not stop just because there isn’t someone to do the work, so it must now be done by existing staff members regardless of their own workload or expertise. This can result in overtime pay, burnout and costly mistakes. Companies may also experience decreased output or missed sales opportunities due to labor shortages.

Access to the talent you wouldn’t otherwise have 

Finding qualified talent is what staffing companies do every day! So, it’s no surprise that their networks run deep. Not only are they aware of those who are looking for jobs, but they are also connected to plenty of individuals that are not actively looking for something new, but who might open to the right opportunity.

Industry knowledge 

Good recruiters are engaging in conversation with both Clients and Candidates on a daily basis. Discussions with clients can help them understand what experience, qualifications, and skills are needed to perform the duties of the job, as well as what benefits and compensation rates are competitive. Just as dialogue with candidates can shed light on things like available skill sets and career expectations. These types of insights can be extremely valuable in your decision-making process and give you a competitive advantage.

Fit & retention

Between extensive industry-specific talent networks and industry insights, when you partner with an agency for your recruitment needs, you’re far more likely to hire the right candidate the first time. The benefits of a good fit are evident. From better performance and higher staff morale to reduced turnover, candidates who fit the culture are good for business.

Offload tedious tasks 

In today’s job market, an abundance of applications does not equal an abundance of qualified talent. A recruitment agency can save you hours or even days of sifting through applications. Then, after narrowing the pool, Recruiters take care of prescreening, verifying qualifications, reference checks, and scheduling interviews so that you only have to make time to view candidates worth considering, and in-house staff can stay focused on their regular duties.

Responding to volatility in demand

From the availability of raw materials to the logistics of delivering finished goods and services, demand volatility affects nearly every aspect of the business. Your entire team must flex, so while internal staff responds to changes and plans to address them, your outsourced recruitment team can be lining up great talent to keep production running and reduce downtime as much as possible.

Contingent & hourly fee structures  

Perhaps one of the biggest and most cost-effective advantages of working with a workforce solutions provider is that companies only pay if placements are made. For direct hires, companies pay a one-time fee once a candidate has been hired. For temporary type placements, companies only pay for the hours a candidate actually works.

The next time you have positions to fill, why not contact Align Workforce Solutions and experience first-hand the benefits of outsourced recruitment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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