When you identify the opportunity to make something better, you have a choice to dismiss it or to take action. An already highly successful recruiter recognized the need for employers and job seekers to have access to a higher quality staffing service that pushed beyond the boundaries of what traditional staffing companies offered. That recruiter chose to act and in August of 2011, Jason Lammers brought his dream to life, launching Align Technical Resources (later rebranded to Align Workforce Solutions.) 

“It wasn’t easy. I’ll never forget walking into my first office, it was completely empty. No desks, no furniture, no computers, no phones ringing.” Lammer’s recalls, “I went from a very lucrative income with a large staffing firm with huge teams supporting me, to not taking a paycheck for 6-9 months, covering hundreds of thousands of dollars of payroll expenses, rent, leases, buying equipment, and signing major, long-term contracts. I was scared. But I believed companies needed a better, more flexible option for their recruitment needs.” 

Jason’s vision was for Align to truly be an extension of his Clients’ HR team. A white glove staffing service with much less (internal) red tape at a lower cost. Ten years later, he has proven that this was much more than just a vision, this level of service is exactly what companies were looking for.  

Align believes it’s their responsibility to get to know their clients’ business, culture, technical requirements, products or services, desired outcomes, and competitive advantages for the sake of evangelizing the job and the company most effectively to the labor market. They also pay close attention to candidates! Their granular candidate targeting reaches passive job seekers who could be open to making a move. The Align team also makes a point to get to know their candidates personalities, strengths, goals, etc.. so that they can make the right placements quickly.

As word got around that Jason started his own company, Align’s business grew quickly. Companies that had jobs open for anywhere between 6-24 months were reaching out in hopes that Align could deliver. And they did! The team averages a 24-96 hour window for submitting candidates, many leading to placements. As a result of their speed and accuracy, the company has been able to expand their reach, team, service offerings and candidate benefits. What started out by meeting the technology and engineering recruitment needs of local San Jose companies has grown into the ability to hire a much wider variety of Tech-based roles for Clients in every state across the US, including Canada. 

Jason laughed as he looked back to where it all started. “We were all crammed into a tiny office, all stressed out. But we made it happen and I would not be here today if it weren’t for the support of my team and taking that leap of faith! It was one of the best times of my life and we had so much fun!” 

They even experienced growth through the COVID pandemic. When companies needed to pivot and hire employees 100% remote, Align was there. When unemployment skyrocketed and candidates were facing hardship, from being laid off, Align was there. As companies reopen and/or deploy hybrid work models, Align is there. They are also there help find the best solutions for each situation. For example, to help better manage costs, they may recommend that some companies who purchase SaaS applications consider hiring a consultant that offers the same or higher-level experience for their set-up and service needs rather than working directly with the platform’s implementation team. 

Align’s greatest accomplishments are the success stories of their clients and candidates. Through their partnership, they have been able to help companies build up their teams and expand their businesses. They have helped candidates build their careers from entry –level workers to director-level six-figure earners who are thriving and able to provide for their families. Stories like these are endless for Align and Jason and his team takes great joy, knowing they have played a role in where these companies and candidates are now.  

For Align, these past ten years have been filled with growth and success, trials that taught valuable lessons and invaluable relationship building, as their mission statement suggests. We’re more than just a staffing company. We are a difference-maker. We strive to leave a positive, lasting impression on those we serve. The Align team is looking forward to seeing what the next ten years will bring! 

If you need the help of experienced, trusted industry veterans, we here at Align Workforce Solutions are ready to help. Whether you need to fill positions or you’re looking for what’s next in your career path, we want to help you make meaningful employment connections. Connect with us today.    

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